Thursday, 20 October 2016

Ask Tiwa Savage! Funke Akindele Gets Epic Responses Over ‘Matrimonial Flaw’

It is always said, the way to man’s heart is through his mouth’. Star actress Funke Akindele-Bello was put to the cleaner by some of her fans over her comment over the weekend that her husband doesn’t allow her to cook.
Funke was speaking to a Punch correspondent about some of the changes that have occurred in her life since getting married; and she said’ “Before I met my husband, I used to work on Sundays, but he always says that I need to rest. Our chef leaves on Saturday mornings to see his family, so whenever I want to cook, my husband tells me not to do so and we eat out. We do that very often. Now, I enjoy my life and I rest.’’
And in reaction to this, some of her fans took her up saying she was only covering her matrimonial flaws and advised her to take a clue from the failure of Tiwa Savage’s marriage and keep her matrimonial issues away from the preying .
 Mymadam: Darling, so you didn't learn a thing or two from your previous 'escapade'? Na so dem de start, my dear, later 'parade go changi'! If you cannot recollect, just ask Tiwa. How old u be sef? To her, "My husband is the best" grin
Came: Madam, you don start talk talk for this second marriage again, na so you do talk talk for the first one way break. You better keep quiet and pray to God for lasting marriage. Talking too much no good ooooo. Hummmm..

Cutehector: Because he knows u lack cooking skill
Mjshexy: Or you actually can't cook? angry
Mrsefan: yes because ur food no de sweet and u de waste in maggie onion pepe and u too the put too much oil and salt after then u come tell am if he complain that what i do ? Is it no cokerin rice
Dauddy97: something fishy is smelling
Modsfucker: But your dad allowed your mummy cook abi?
Kestolove95: cox u can not cook

Chelseabmw: Funke go n learn how to cook pls, just stop ur noise n madness

New Goldmine! Comedian Ushbebe Begs For Fund To Shot Movie

Comedian Justice Nuagbe, aka Ushebebe is currently ‘begging' for funds to replicate AY’s movie success and this is authoritative.
Ushbebe who has endured a struggling career over some months, a condition which climaxed the cancellation of his Ghana show some months back, is eying the kind of success AY has been recording so far with the release of two monster hit movies back-to-back.
The comedian in an emotional chat with Hiptv Youtube said if he can lay his hand on a big money, he too is ready to produce a movie and thereby, toe the paths of AY.
“If money comes, I will produce a movie; not because AY is producing a film. He is spending so much money to produce movies and if you are spending such money, you want to produce a good film. That is to say you need money to produce such movies. I don’t want to say I’m doing one hurriedly but, I will definitely produce one because I’m a Theatre Arts graduate so, I should be able to do it. Unlike some of our movie star who just wants to produce, you will surely know those who went to school to study it. As for me, this is my field of play; I studied the course in school with the likes of AY, Bovi and some others; we were in the same school and the same department. We are soon coming.” He said.

It could be recalled that aside featuring in the Guinness Book of Records with his historic ‘30 Days In Atlanta movie’, AY’s new movie, ‘A Trip To Jamaica’ has equally been doing very well in cinemas across the country.

Sad: Another Celebrity Couple Kisses Marriage Goodbye After Just 13 Months

Singer cum AOP Tito da Fire’s marriage to Ify, in November 2013 at Ikoyi Registry, Lagos, was kept in utmost secrecy until few pictures surfaced online, but now for all the cautions they took to save it, the marriage has collapsed.
Tito who manages brands under G2M Creatives confirmed that his marriage crumbled after just 13 months due to irreconcilably differences between him and his wife which has forced Ify to relocate abroad with the only child of the union, Ebuka.
In a release he sent, the CEO of Grinding Records, said the marriage which ought to have a happy–ever after tale was filled with loads of issues and misunderstandings.

He said; “Initially I thought she was disposed to entertainment, however overtime I realized she was not, it is one of the major lessons I learnt from my failed marriage. For example I remember that I would record songs at home and she would not make a comment, till I told her hey, I’m going to stop doing this because it seems you don’t like me doing this…And she said oh no, not that, and after then she would say, that song you were working on, the one that has Haruna Ishola’s voice ( because I was working on a remake of his classics), it’s nice, but I packed it all up and won’t talk about it after then because I felt she wasn’t cool with me singing. Sadly, we separated about a year and a month after our marriage.”
“I miss my son a great deal and would love to play the role of an active –on-hand father to my son Ebuka, watch him play and grow.”

After the collapse of his marriage, he has dusted his lyrics diary; hit the studio to record a song, ‘Imagination’, where he featured the late music icon, OJB Jezreel, with the music video already shot. 

5 Real Reasons Why Banky W, 35, May Not Marry

Banky W

Popular ‘Lagos Party’ cronner and EME boss, Olubankole Wellignton, Banky W is finding it very difficult to settle down with a woman and he has admitted it.

Banky W while on a programme in Lagos some hours ago, expounded why he’s yet to find love as he insisted that marriage is not meant for every single person.

According to him, the process of finding a woman whom one would love and connect with may lead to a delay in marriage and his was not an exception.

“The same people who would pressurize you to get married are the people who would criticize you when you fail. ‘Oprah Wilson changed the world but she never got married. It is not the destiny of every single person to get married,” he said.
Niyola and Banky W
Here are 5 real reasons Banky W who is already 35 years old may not marry now;

Fear Of Failure: Banky W has seen a lot when it comes to marriage. He was one of the Best men for Tiwa Savage and Tunji ‘Tee’ Billz Balogun, Toolz and husband, Tunde Demuren marriages; he knows how this celebrity marriages works and has seen its other sides so, the fear of failure of one of those marriages may have been buried in him, looking at how the couple were inseparable while it lasted. So, towing the paths of marriage has been a mirage to him.

He Enjoys His Freedom: Banky W is the King of the Lagos party. Although, he was born in the United States and moved back to Nigeria with his family when he was 5 years, he has been spending the rest of his time in Nigeria. The only exception was for his university education in the United States. He is a professional Master of Ceremonies and enjoys being around women of class.

One Of His Role Models Never Married: Can you imagine having one of your role models as Oprah Wilson? A woman who changed the world in her own time but, was unlucky with love and decided to stay single for life. That was one of the role models of Banky W; and he is proud about that fact as well as he was quoted, “Wilson changed the world but she never got married”.

Love Is Evading Him: News filtered around some months ago that EME's first lady, Eniola Akinbo, better known as Niyola was dating Banky W and that they have actually been dating for the past 3 years or more but, the beautiful singer debunked the rumours that she is dating her boss. She told Genevieve Magazine in an interview that, “I don't live in Banky's house and no we never dated.” He has also been romantically linked with actress Adesua Etomi before but, none of these ladies confirmed and confessed their love for him.

His Destiny May Be Against It: look at a statement that was attributed to him; “It is not the destiny of every single person to get married”. Does this means he has kept to his fate to remain single? He may have tried several women and failed but, I think he still needs to try more because, quitter never wins and winner never quits.

Why Olamide Baddo Paid Homage To Obesere In 'Konkobility' Single

Four years ago, when countless of fans and lovers of Alhaji Abass Akande Obesere, now known as the Vice Chancellor (VC) of Entertainment, rushed at the release of the 'Mr Teacher' album, nobody was disappointed after listening to the lyrical maestro, as the album was well-composed.

However, it appears that the YBNL boss, Olamide Adedeji, popular known as 'Baddo', has a special kind of respect and love for Alhaji Obesere (Pk1st) as he paid him homage in his 'Konkobility' single.

Recall that the VC of Entertainment had teamed up with Olamide Baddo to produce a single entitled 'Ebelesua', which is currently making waves across Nigeria and beyond.

So, when Olamide Baddo, who remains a force to reckon with in the contemporary music world, released hit single, 'Konkobility', many did not really pay much attention to the lyrics, especially the third verse which goes thus: 

"M’oju m’oju m’egbe re t’o n mo l’oju
Omo y’ogo; y’ogo m’egbe re t’o n y’ogo ti
A l’emi ni Papa Tosibe mo m’awon t’emi
Awon t’emi l’on keep on dancing, lowo lowo" 

It means that no matter how obstinate or rude one could be; such person knows his mates. No matter how rugged a person could be; yet he must know who to call to a fight. Then Olamide, the 'mad lyricist', compared himself to 'Papa Tosibe', saying he recognised his people; and his people too recognise him, and they always keep on dancing anytime.

Same lyrics were found in Papa Tosibe's 'Mr Teacher', which he released in 2012. 

'Konkobility' is a blunder usually used to diss someone or describe unseriousness just as he used it in the song: 'Oni' konkobility nimi, konkor; o fi owo re'mi nimu'. He then replied the girl he was trying to woo according to the song that: "Na today I go show you say konkobility nimi gangan', meaning he would show how obstinate he is to get her.

While reacting to the song, Alhaji Obesere, the VC of Entertainment, as he is fondly called now, said apart from the fact that he loved Olamide for his humility and respect, he showed in the song that no lyrics can fade away if they are well-composed.

"I love his kind of person because he is very humble and respectful. It is not because we have worked together but I am just convinced that he is a good guy. I like the song. I think he is just showing me respect like other people. 

"If you have sang a song and people coming after you can't connect with it after many years or use it as a reference point, then it shows it is useless and you have not achieved anything as an artiste,' he said.

How I Met Bro Iginla- Veteran Nollywood Star Reveals Secret Behind His Blessing

Actor Ayo Emmanuel crying for joy

Veteran actor, Ayo Emmanuel also known as Nollywood’s Policeman had an exciting experience on 9th of October, 2016 during a service at the Champion Royal Assembly Abuja, as Nigerian Prophet, Joshua Iginla, gave him a brand new Peaugeot 301 salon car.
 The actor while receiving the car gift shed tears of joy saying all that happened came to him as a huge surprise.
In an exclusive chat with Omonaija Blog, the nollywood actor described the situation as the biggest shock of his life as he came to the church on Sunday the 9th of October with the church bus hoping to return back home with same, not knowing God has a better plan for him.
“I was just coming to church to fellowship and go home to prepare for a film recording someone had invited me to on Tuesday, but here I am today, I thank God for using Bro. Joshua Iginla to bless me, I give God all the glory. I came in a public transport (the church public transport) and was hoping to catch up with the bus but, here I am driving home in a brand new 301 series car.”
Speaking further on how he met the generous but powerful Prophet, Ayo said he was only invited during one of the annual birthday ceremonies of the Prophet and since then, he developed great interest in him.
Bro Joshua Iginla
“During last year anniversary, we were invited, I mean Nollywood actors so, I was one of the actors that was invited and that was my first time of coming to Champions Royal Assembly. Thereafter, I developed interest in the style of worshiping, so I come here once a while because I stay very far away in Abuja. Once in a while I fellowship here, so since last year after PAPA’s birthday I’ve always been coming,  I like the style of fellowship, I like his style of socializing and especially his love for Nollywood. He’s about one of the biggest pastor I know who has feelings for Nollywood and a great giver, I’ve never seen that before. So, I developed the interest and I see a true pastor, the real person that was build to increase, to impact more life into the people’’.
Ayo Emmanuel showing his car papers
Recounting the many helps the Man of God has done for him, He narrated how he was duped by one of his trusted friends who disappeared with over N1million which was meant to get him a car and this led to a serious illness and had no money for treatment after spending a lot, and Prophet Joshua Iginla helped him out.
“I must confess that earlier before now, I was down, I have some problems; I use to have a car, a 406 prestige car but, due to one reason or the other I had to sell it. I added money to it close to 1 million, give the money to someone who I trusted so much to get me a car and the person disappeared with my money, that affected me, broke me down a lot, I was ill, I went to hospital I was diagnosed of typhoid, malaria 1& 2 so many issues and in the process I think I was given a drug that later reacted to my body, and I went back to the hospital for another test and it was during that test, that they discover that I’m short of blood, that my blood is like 20% . So, I called Bruno who happens to be one of the veteran actors here in the church, I told him am sick and in the hospital, that the hospital requires some money and the money in my account is not up to that. He asked me to call PAPA (Bro Joshua Iginla) and I was reluctant but, I remember meeting him once and he told me to call him if I have any problem, so, I didn’t call PAPA; just sent him a text, I sent the Personal Assistant a text too and before I know it they sent a whole hundred thousand into my account which I used to clear the hospital bills last two weeks, then i started attending church activities’’
In addition, he described the Prophet’s giving spirit as one that he has never seen before and also implores people not to say anything bad against the Prophet. He said Bro. Iginla is someone that doesn’t love to show-off and has done a lot for people he doesn’t know and for that people think he does this only during his birthday celebration or anniversary but that is not the case.
It would be recalled that the Prophet gave N10million donation to a muslim acid victim who needed surgical operation to be done in India, the same day he presented to the Nollywood thespian a car gift.