Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Man sets his wife ablaze for disobeying him

When frustration sets in, many unfortunate things follows but, in this kind of extreme situation you just have to wonder why.
The Ogun state police command have arrested Keji Osunjirin pictured above for setting his wife, Fatimo, ablaze because she disobeyed him and attended a family party he had instructed her not to attend. Some neighbours said Keji had a quarell with his wife hours after she returned from the party.
He left the house and returned with a jerry can filled with petrol and allegedly poured the petrol on his wife and lit a match stick. When he realized his error, he rushed her to the hospital, unfortunately, Fatimo died from the burns she sustained from the incident.

 Fatimo left behind a little girl.

When interrogated, Keji said he did not attack his wife with the petrol which he said was meant for their generator.

According to him, the jerry can caught fire in his hand and he unconsciously threw it at his wife.

Nigerian/Arsenal star, Alex Iwobi celebrates 20th birthday today, shares childhood photos

Arsenal star player who is also the cousin of Nigerian mid-field maestro, Austin Jay-Jay Okocha, is 20 years old today.
He shared his childhood pix from his early days at Arsenal football club.
Happy birthday to him!


"The Interviewer" ThisDay Journalist Azuka Ogujiuba took it hard on critics who hits her for interviewing Tiwa Savage unemotionally

 After her exclusive interview with Tiwa Savage, ThisDay Journalist Azuka Francisca Ogujiuba have been under serious criticism. she is allegedly been criticized for not been emotionally while Tiwa was crying during the interview that revealed most of the shocking issues in her marriage to Tee Blizz.
Azuka however, in a facebook post this morning hits back at his critics who who said where being "jealous of his successful exclusive interview"

Here is her unedited post after this pix...

"Woooooooow, lam really trending o, world people have now created another version n topic 'The Interviewer' out of Tiwa Savage n Teeblizz marital woe saga. The issue on ground have been shifted aside and my body language n mannerism during my chat with her is now giving some people sleepess nights. I have one advice for people talking down on my profesional approach especially my colleagues- The training l got from the prestigious University of Lagos Mass Comm depart, as a print journalist is to go after the scoop first, how l looked or stared at Tiwa is not important but the story lam after. Secondly, was l able to make Tiwa talk about the allegations presented by her husband? Of course YES, that is what is important. Thirdly, did l have a good network to get the exclusive interview? YES obviously. Fourthly, did l risk my life as a true journaist would do for an exclusive interview by leaving my daughter alone in the bedroom, not thinking incase there was a sudden fire outbreak or something, or what about me who had to be driven from the mainland to the island on that dark and lonely third mainland bridge by 2.15 am? YES, l took one of the biggest risk of my life. Fourthly, why would Tiwa prefer me to all the televison personalities that has been compared to me to interview her, and some of these TV personalities are always hanging around her more than me? It is simply because she respects my style of journalism. Fifthly, Some people said l didnt show any empathy towards Tiwa when she cried and how did they know? And if l had been mushy mushy during my chat, they will still find fault n say l was biased. I bet a lot of these people abusing wish they were the ones who did that interview, too bad l have done it and nothing dey happen for igboro..End of the day what gave me so much satisfaction was that l did the exclusive interview with Tiwa, l have done my bit as a print journaist(not TV) If anybody is so pained by my approach, they should drink acid o, 'CYBER BULLYING' has no space in my territory and to be honest l dont give a hoot about those hateful comments which they claim is criticism, anyway, it is a free world people are allowed to vent their frustrations termed critism. Iam not saying l wont pick from the criticism, the good ones l have happily accepted and the bad ones l have sent back to the senders o..LOL.. Its a new week FB family, may God almighty bless our hustle in Jesus name. Amen!"

Interview that you have been waiting for is here - "Tiwa Savage want to part ways amicably with Tee Blizz and be good friend’s for Jamil’s sake"

After an exclusive tell-all interview conducted by Thisday journalist, Azuka Ogujuiba, where an emotional Tiwa Savage opened up about the problems in her marriage with her husband, Tunji Balogun, which invariably signalled the end of their less than three year old marriage, Azuka Ogujuiba has now been interviewed by genevieveng.com.
In the said interview Azuka revealed all that went down, before, during and after the interview. The interview will blow your mind...
How did you get to interview Tiwa ?
I was supposed to interview her three weeks ago. And she was supposed to get permission to use Jamil’s picture with the pampers picture.
I had been following up for a while unsuccessfully. i believe she was reluctant because of the issues going on in the marriage.
After Teejay’s rant in the morning, I was asked to check online and saw TeeJay’s rant. I called Tiwa and told her what I heard and asked about the interview we were supposed to have. I later called Elohor both lines were busy throughout the day. I was finally able to get Elohor about 10pm and said I need to speak to Tiwa.But she replied that she doesnt think Tiwa will talk. Around 2am my phone rang and I saw Tiwa’s caller ID. And it was her PA saying she’s ready to do the interview and asked If I can come she would be very grateful. So I had to get my younger brother to come with me because of the time. So they came to pick me from home and we went to Tiwa’s house. It was a bit scary because of that time of the night.
The interview was meant for ThisDay not PulseTV but her management decided to release it to Pulse instead. I was quite upset about that.
What state did you meet her ?
She was in a bad state. Like someone in mourning. Her eyes were swollen. She was in tears. I met her with Elohor in her bedroom. And she gave me her phone to read the exchange between her and her husband and from my conclusion she wanted peace and was asking for them to part ways amicably and be good friend’s for Jamil’s sake. I saw her photos from the miscarriage and that brought tears to my eyes.
People said why did she take pictures. But I believe it was because she knew who she married. There were pictures of her in a stretcher.
How well do you know them ?
I met Tiwa before she came to Nigeria. We became friends when she relocated and I did an interview with her. And shortly threreafter she introduced me to TJ as her manager then and we got talking. He showed a lot of dedication in making sure Tiwa progressed in her career.
I got along well with TJ even more than Tiwa. I feel very heartbroken this happened. I was involved in their wedding. I was the only journalist who flew to their wedding in Dubai.
Why did you show no emotion during the the interview ?
I had done my crying before I went on air. I told myself I had to be hard and it was deliberate. And her management insisted it had to be recorded so that she would not be misquoted. I am not a camera person but I decided to go along with their conditions because I wanted the exclusive. I felt she trusted me enough to give me the exclusive. I’m very nervous in front of the camera. It wasn’t easy for me because I was talking to a friend. I like TJ. I like Tiwa. It was tough I was trying to remove my emotions.
What would you say to your critics ?
I read some of the feedback and insults. I am not a TV journalist. I am a print journalist. I am not trained to be before a camera. I understand the criticism was because of the love for Tiwa so I’m not really bothered because I love her too. So believe it was because I didn’t show her the love which her fans expected.
After the interview was over we still sat down and talked and consoled her.
There were so many memes about my expression. People read me wrong. I was trying not to cry. I was in shock. But cyber bullying doesn’t move me. I have a thick skin. Tiwa knows I like her genuinely so I am ok with what anybody else says, We have mutual respect. She even called me later on to tell me not to let the insults bother me. Some people even commended me on my ability to detach my emotions.I understand her fans coming after me because they think I’m an enemy.

what else would you have asked ?
I think I would have loved to speak with TJ. I read him and Tiwa’s exchange on her phone. Tiwa didn’t want war. I would have asked him how he allowed situation to deteriorate so horribly. I remember how he used to be so protective of her, she was like an egg to him. So it is so shocking things have gotten to this stage.
Do you think too much was shared ?
The woman I saw that night was broken. I really don’t want to blame her. She was a woman who had tried so much. She was in a terrible state. I had to ask her why she was crying like someone had died. She has covered so much from the public like when she covered his debts for the car,wristwatch etc because she was scared the media would get hold of all the information.
I dont believe she did it to revenge. Tiwa is a soft soul. She is not a bitter person. She probably did it to save her brand. She’s the biggest female brand in Nigeria maybe even Africa.
Do you think this will affect her endorsements ?
I don’t think so. I hope not. She was paid 2.5m for a show with Remy Martin and the money never got to her because it was with TJ.
Who do you think is at fault ?
I don’t really want to support anyone but I know them both. I know Tiwa will not fabricate things that never happened. If have to stand with anyone I will stand with Tiwa.

New tactics! 24 year old woman arrested with 193 wraps of cocaine inside biscuits pack in Lagos

In a new and bizzare way of smuggling drugs, the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) yesterday May 2nd arrested 24 years old Rose Uche Igbinoba (pictured), with 193 wraps of cocaine hidden inside packs of sweets at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport (MMIA) Lagos.

Rose who arrived Nigeria from Dubai, was arrested after the whitish substance weighing 3.230kgs ‎which she wrapped in the sweet packs, tested positive for cocaine.

Speaking on her arrest, NDLEA commander at the Lagos Airport, Ahmadu Garba said Rose who hails from Edo state and her accomplice were arrested by the vigilant men of NDLEA

“One Igbainoba Uche Rose, who concealed 3.230kgs inside sweets was apprehended at the arrival hall during inward screening of passengers. A suspected member of the cartel, Ofor Kamsochukwu Chimezie was arrested on a follow-up operation. The suspects are being investigated,”he said
When interrogated, Rose said she was promised N500,000 to traffic the banned substance
“I work as a clerical staff after I completed my primary school because there was no money to further my studies. I have suffered hardship in life, but a man offered to assist me establish my personal business. He promised to pay me half a million Naira. This was how I got involved in this problem” Rose said.
She and her accomplice will be charged to court soon.