Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Why late Dr. Suraj Giwa's family lefts actress Ibinabo Fiberesima to her karma - Siblings

Even after over a decade, It has been pretty difficult for the mother and siblings of late Dr Suraj Giwa, dealing with the death of their son and brother who was killed on February 26, 2005, in an auto-crash caused by jailed actress, Ibinabo Fiberesi­ma’s reckless driv­ing.

Until that fateful day, Giwa was the Head of the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Department at the General Hospital, Lagos. He was heading home from Ajah with two of his relations, when an SUV driven by the actress smashed into his vehicle across the median and killed him instantly. Biola, his younger sister granted Punch Newspaper an extensive interview.

Excerpts from the interview revealed that contrary to perceptions, the Giwa family has forgiven Ibinabo, but they believe she is in jail today because of the way she conducted herself after the accident and the lies she told against the family, because nobody sets out with the mindset of killing anybody.

Biola, an accountant, who has been living in the US for the past 33 years explained that When the accident happened, Ibinabo fled the scene of the accident. In her words, “She (Ibinabo) doesn’t have good advisers. The state government had to find out who the owner of the car she was driving was. That was when it was found out that the car belonged to Daniel Wilson.”

When asked if she knew Ibinabo before the accident, She said, “My first time of hearing that name was the day of the accident. I had been in the US for over 20 years then and there was no way I would have known anything about her then.”

Reacting to eyewitness reports that said Ibinabo didn’t flee but was rushed to the hospital, she recounted , “I had another brother who was also in the car when that accident happened. You can imagine two people of the same mother and father in that car. They didn’t try to help them out, they all ran and left the scene of the accident. If some other people were in the car with her, what about those people? How come they didn’t try to help? Somebody should have stayed at that scene to say he or she was with Ibinabo. But nobody said anything. And how come the eyewitness is coming out now to talk?”

Late Giwa’s sister refuted rumours that she had said she would never forgive Ibinabo and would make sure she was sent to jail saying “Why would I want to say that?  Is it not God that forgives? I don’t even know her, so why would I say I wasn’t going to forgive her? I didn’t know who she was. We weren’t even bothered about her. My mother had two kids in that car. My brother’s wife came from England and we were having a prayer session. That was when I saw Ibinabo. Would I say anything like that during a prayer session? We were all crying. One of them went to my husband and somehow, it was arranged that they meet me.”

Ibinabo claimed to have gone to plead  with late Giwa’s family after the accident and has been visiting the family,but his sister rebuffed those claims saying “I asked her what she wanted and she said she had come to plead so that the charges would be dropped. I told her it wasn’t between us and her but between the state government and her. But I told her I would rather give her an advice that would work for her. I told her if I were in her shoes, I would apologise publicly to the masses and also to the family. I advised her to throw herself to the mercy of the court. If she had done that, people would know she was remorseful and they would know she had indeed apologised. But she said she wasn’t going to do that. She said it would damage her career.” Biola went on, “Believe me, if not that so many eyes were on us, I would have kicked her for saying that. My husband was beside me when she said that. He even looked at me. I couldn’t believe it. What? Dr. Giwa was the head of physical rehabilitation medicine in LASUTH. He was the only one that had that credential then in Lagos State. Dr. Giwa was valuable to the state. He had helped a lot of people out. Ibinabo has never visited my mother! My mother does not even remember her name.”

Refuting claims that the family was offered money as a form of compensation, Biola firmly stated, “What money? We don’t need her money! We are all good! Dr. Giwa wasn’t the only breadwinner. Every one of us is doing very well.”

She also set the records straight that she never threatened to kill Ibinabo as against rumours that made the rounds, and that she never rejoiced over the fact that Ibinabo was jailed because she believes that accidents happen, but people’s attitudes towards it is what matters most, the level of remorse they show. While She was thankful to the justice system, she maintained that justice can’t be tampered with even If Ibinabo makes a public apology now and it will be impossible for her to go to the government and ask them to drop the case.

The late doctor’s sister also revealed that their mother developed high blood pressure for the first time as a result of the unfortunate incident and she has been managing it since then.

5 Imo students to represent Nigeria in 2016 world schools debate

Miss Precious Nnabugo, pre­cious Etoh, Favour Nneji, Olue­bube Duru and Goodness Nwane­bu had represented Imo state in the President’s Inter-SUBEBS de­bate competition, emerging first out of the thirty six states in the country that took part in the com­petition.

The students from Imo State will be representing Nigeria in the 2016 inter-continental academic event of the World Schools Debate after they had emerged the over­all winner at the president’s Inter-SUBEBS debate completion in the country.

Addressing the students and their coordinators who paid him a courtesy call at the Government House, Governor Rochas Okoro­cha commended them for doing the state proud and also urged them to do the nation proud by emerging the best in Slovakia, stressing that their winning the President’s Inter-SUBEBS Debate competition was a victory for Imo people and a kind of vote of con­fidence in the free education pro­gramme of his administration.

Governor Okorocha said “let me say first of all, how happy I am that in my time my children will be representing the entire nation outside the country. This is a vic­tory for me, victory for Imo peo­ple and victory for the free educa­tion programme of the state.”

He continued, “there is no other way to explain this develop­ment than to say, it is the outcome of the free education programme of the state. It is a feat. I charge you to go and conquer the world for the nation, as you conquered the nation for the state. Go and shine in Sloviakia.”

To encourage the students to do well in Slovakia, the governor promised to give them scholar­ship to study in any country of their choice if they come first.

The coordinator, Mrs.Adim Madumere Chinwe had earlier commended the governor for the free education programme that is also qualitative, following the quality of the products of the free education initiative, promising to leave no stone unturned to ensure that the team shines in Slovikia to the extent of emerging victorious.

Fmr. President Jonathan Called Me 19 Days After Chibok Girls Had Been Kidnapped- Bornu Governor

Borno state governor, Kashim Shettima, has again accused former President Goodluck Jonathan of neglect and insensitivity as he said, Jonathan only called him 19 days after the Chibok girls were kidnapped from their school in April 2014. Shettima said this while playing host to former President Obasanjo who arrived Borno state yesterday on a 2-day visit.

He said, "In our own case, Your Excellency, after the Chibok abduction of over 200 schoolgirls in April, 2014, it took 19 days for me to receive a call from the Presidency. I brought this mainly to show the difference, because we will only appreciate scenarios when we make comparisons.”
He added that he trusted Obasanjo would have rescued the abducted girls if he was the president at that time.