Thursday, 3 March 2016

Lagos Boiling, Many Feared Dead, Police Men Injured, As Hausa/Yoruba Traders Clash in Mile 12 Market

Popular Lagos market, Mile 12 Market Lagos, is currently boiling as reports reaching omonaijablog has it that no fewer than three persons were feared dead and several cars set ablaze as Hausa and Yoruba traders fight at the market enters day three.

Omonaija gathered that the clash started on Tuesday March 1, 2016 after a Hausa commercial bike rider knocked down a woman who was said to be a Yoruba woman. The bike rider was told to take the woman to the hospital, but the rider and his colleagues refused, insisting that the motorbike association, which collects tolls from them, should take care of the woman.
Then a heated argument, which led to a fight ensued. The fight we were told continued all through Wednesday till Thursday (today) before some thugs, believed to be of Yoruba origin hijacked the heated situation and  invaded the market to attack the Hausa traders in the market.

As at the time of filling this report, about seven cars have been allegedly burnt and about three traders who are feared to be Hausa traders killed.

The Lagos Police Command led by the  State Commissioner of Police, Fatai Owoseni and  teams of Military personnel are presently at the still at the scene, trying to douse tension around the area.

Toyin Aimakhu Break-Up With Seun Egbegbe, (Husband Number 2) Issues Disclaimer!

Sultry Nollywood actress Toyin Aimakhu has released a statement via her Instagram disclaiming her much publicized romance with movie marketer, Seun Egebegbe whom she has professed her love for severally.

In the said disclaimer, Toyin wrote; "Without going into details of why I went into an affair with Mr Seun Egbegbe, I am very much aware a lot look up to me as a role model and considering this salient fact, a detour at this point is very necessary. 

However, against the backdrop of my moral responsibilities to my fans and the general public, I wish to state unequivocally that henceforth, I dissociate myself from  Mr Seun Egbegbe. I will implore all and sundry to please avoid connecting me with Mr Seun Egbegbe or whatever he represents from now on. I humbly request and would appreciate if I am allowed time to recuperate.

Once again, I apologize for all the negativity that emanated from the whole drama in recent times, trust me on this I am sincerely sorry. My attention and energy are now focused on re-uniting with my work, friends, families and fans. I thank my ever loyal and steadfast fans. You all are my strong pillar of support .God bless me and you all.He is the greatest pillar in times of tribulations.. You will always be part of me. 

Miss Toyin Aimakhu."

Beetle mania! Bug invasion of 'biblical proportions' prompts 'end of the world' fears

A beetle invasion of biblical proportions has hit beaches in Argentinian seaside resorts - causing some to suggest it could mean the end of the world.

Locals reacted with horror after seeing millions of the bugs swarm onto beaches in the resorts of Mar de Ajo, 31 miles away from the capital Buenos Aires. Holidaymakers were horrified as millions of bugs covered miles of coastline after they swarmed a beach

In scenes akin to a horror film, images posted on social media show the beaches turned black by the plague of beetles as they cover miles of coastline.

Although no one is exactly sure what is behind the phenomenon, social media has gone into meltdown with theories.
Some believe it is a portent of the end of the world with commentators claiming the influx of beetles is an "ominous warning of impending doom" and "the end of times is near… they can sense it."
Others suggested an earthquake had hit the area before the beetle invasion.
One commentator, who identifies himself as khnagar, said: "It looks like Black Maize Beetle (Heteronychus Arator), which are known for having mass flights in the summer/autumn where they mate and all that.
"Or it's some similar type of beetle. They only live for a few days at that stage after crawling out of the ground.
"So a lot of beetles flew, got swept out to sea by the winds, and then came back to the beach, most of them dead or dying. Most likely scenario I can come up with."
Scientists say the beetles live for about two years underground and come out to mate.
They only live for four more days during this cycle.
The "hatching" takes place every year and although in the past it usually takes place in January, for the last couple of years it has been happening later.
Now local news says locals are trying to sell the beetles online. According to one ad, a man is offering them for £46 per kilo or £21 per pound.
According to some, secretions from the insect can strengthen the body's defences against cancer, AIDS, asthma and diabetes, among other illnesses.

Incredible: Suspected Drug Dealers Used Crocodiles To Guard Cash

In a very rare criminal case, a gang of suspected drug-dealers in Amsterdam gave the task of guarding their loot to unusually ferocious guards: a pair of fully-grown crocodiles.
Police investigating the gang made the unexpected discovery this week, when they arrested 11 suspects, men and women aged between 25 and 55. They also seized 300,000 euros -- the bulk of it locked in a cage with the toothy reptiles.
"It's very unusual for drug dealers to use crocodiles to guard their money," said police spokesman Frans Zuiderhoek on Friday.
"I think they thought it was safer."
The suspects, including the owner of the crocodiles, are due to appear before a judge on Friday. Police also seized large quantities of synthetic drugs, firearms and half a million euros' worth of crystal meth in the haul.
The suspected dealers were delivering drugs to several hundred addresses, including to neighboring Belgium, police said.
The crocodiles, for which the owner had a license, were still in their cage and a friend of the owner was taking care of them, police said.

Lion, tiger and bear 'brothers' rescued in drugs raid refuse to be separated after 15 years together

The trio, also known as 'The BLT', have spent most of their lives by each others' sides and now eat, sleep and play together
A tiger, a lion and a bear make up a group of unlikely animal friends - who bonded over their harrowing start in life.
The trio of pals, also known as "The BLT", were brought to the Noah's Ark Wildlife Sanctuary in Georgia, in 2001 when they were found by police in a basement in Atlanta during a drugs raid.
The three cubs were malnourished and underweight after they were found cowered in small cages underneath the house.
Shere Khan, the tiger, was skin and bones and infected with internal and external parasites when he was rescued.
Leo, the lion, came in with an open, infected wound on his nose from where he had been confined to a small crate.
Baloo, the bear, was in the worst state, with a severely ingrown harness digging into his flesh because it had not been loosened as he grew in size.
But after expert care and plenty of good food, the trio were soon happy and healthy again.
And to the zookeepers' surprise, the pals formed a tight bromance, meaning they have been inseparable for the last 15 years.
You might say they're the ultimate brothers from other mothers.
Noah's Ark Sanctuary said: "Baloo, Leo and Shere Khan eat, sleep, and play together and even seek out grooming and affection from one another, head rubbing and licking each another.
Their terrifying early months in life bonded the three together and they are truly inseparable despite their obvious differences."